Little Brother Steven and Big Brother Dan

In 2017 Michelle enrolled her son Steven in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program because she felt Steven needed extra help with schoolwork.  Steven’s Big Brother Dan planned creative activities to make learning fun and communicated often with Michelle about Steven’s progress in school.  “Dan has been very supportive, especially when dealing with Steven’s grades…with the plan we came up with Steven was able to get promoted from 8th grade to high school with nothing lower than a C!”

A match like Steven and Dan’s has a positive impact on the Big, the Little, and the family.  “It’s been wonderful to have someone in Steven’s life who is not a parent or sibling to really allow him to express himself and give him a different perspective of life” says Michelle.  Big Brother Dan was excited and proud to be invited to Steven’s recent graduation.  “Working with my Little has been rewarding in many dimensions….I am stunned to observe how a few hours of undivided attention focused on my Little can make a huge impact on his happiness and passion towards life”.

Congratulations to this inspirational match and a BIG congratulations to Steven on his 8th-grade promotion!