Your donation positively impacts a child’s life, and it makes you a part of something BIG.

Give the Gift of Securities

Gifts of securities to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona (BBBSSA) can be accepted in one of two ways:

The donor may place the securities with a broker or other agent to be held for the account of BBBSSA, with a request that we be notified by contacting Veronica Saiz at (520) 624-2447 ext. 2263 or BBBSSA will instruct the broker or other agent on the disposition of such securities. Or, the donor may instruct his/her broker to transfer securities directly to our brokerage account with proceeds to be distributed to BBBST.

The donor should then contact BBBSSA and advise us of the gift of securities, providing us with their contact information, stock name, and the number of shares. The donor or broker should also contact us to determine the brokerage representing BBBSSA, the account number, DTC number and the broker’s contact information in order to transfer the stock.

The donor may send the unendorsed securities directly to Marie Logan, CEO, via first-class mail, accompanied by a transmittal letter providing the donor’s name, address and purpose of the gift. Under separate cover and by first-class mail, the donor must then send a signed stock power for each security, along with a letter indicating the purpose of the gift. This must be consistent with the previously sent transmittal letter. The signature must be medallion guaranteed by a bank or broker, not notarized. Our Philanthropy staff will contact the appropriate financial administrative staff to confirm receipt and arrange for the same-day conveyance of the securities to BBBSSA.

The donor may hand deliver the securities along with the stock power to Marie Logan, CEO. The BBBSSA Philanthropy staff will contact the brokerage to confirm receipt and arrange for the same-day conveyance of the securities to the brokerage account for BBBSSA.

Neither Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona’s name, nor the purpose of the gift should be stated on the security or on the stock power. BBBSSA requests that neither the donor, nor the donor’s agent send the securities to the issuer or the issuer’s transfer agent because needless delay and expense would result.

To ensure everything is handled in a timely fashion, securities cannot be sold until BBBSSA and/or the brokerage staff verify who the donor is and confirm that the number of shares received is correct.

Year-End IRA Charitable Distributions

The law allowing tax-free direct charitable individual retirement account distributions is now permanent. This is an additional way to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona.

An individual age 70½ or older can make direct charitable gifts annually up to $100,000 from a Traditional or Roth IRA to Big BBBSSA and not have to report the IRA distributions as taxable income on their federal income tax return. There is no charitable deduction for the IRA distributions. However, not paying tax on otherwise taxable income is the equivalent of a charitable deduction. Tax-free distributions are for outright (direct) gifts only — not life-income gifts.

Distributions from employer-sponsored retirement plans, including Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees IRAs and simplified employee pensions, aren’t qualified charitable distributions (QCD); nor are distributions from Keoghs, 403(b) plans, 401(k) plans, profit sharing and other plans. But there is a two-step solution for funds from a non-qualified pension plan to qualify: (1) Roll over a non-qualified pension plan into a qualified IRA. That’s generally tax free (make sure that’s so). (2) The qualified IRA then makes the distributions directly to the charity.

Alert! Gifts of cash and securities can most often be made at the last minute. But IRA administrators generally can’t or won’t make an eleventh-hour direct IRA distribution to the designated charity by the midnight Dec. 31st deadline.

Fry’s Community Reward Program

Support us when you shop at Fry's! It's easy when you enroll in Fry's Community Rewards (click here). Once enrolled, select BBBSSA (NPO #53383) and each time you shop you will earn rewards for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona, while still receiving Fry’s Rewards for yourself!

Corporate Matching Gifts 

Matching gift programs vary by employer, both in eligibility and in the amount they will match. Some companies match donations by employees, retirees, or their spouses. Does your employer, your spouse’s employer, or your former employer (if retired) have a matching gift program? Find out today by contacting their matching gifts or H.R. department, or contact us ( and we will inquire on your behalf.

Examples of local employers matching gifts include (as of April 2022): Raytheon, IBM, Texas Instruments, Bank of America, CarMax, The Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase and many, many others!

Eligibility may change and there may also be deadlines to file, so please start the process or let us help you start the process of increasing the impact of YOUR gift with employer matching. 

United Way - Employee Giving

Are you a federal,  state or City of Tucson employee? Through the Combined Federal Campaign (#67794) and the Employee Combined Appeal Program (#9728), you can easily designate your donation to BBBSSA. Use the ID numbers provided in completing the necessary paperwork to designate BBBSSA. Questions? Please contact Veronica Saiz at

Clothing Donations 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona Donation Center accepts and sells gently used clothing and dedicates the proceeds to support the mission and programs of BBBSSA.  Visit the Donation Center online and arrange for a pickup, or drop by one of the Donation Centers across Southern Arizona.

Donor Privacy

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona will not sell, rent or lease donor information to other organizations. BBBSSA may use donor information in the following ways

  • Help donors complete transactions
  • Thank donors for their gifts
  • Update donors about organizational activity
  • Recognize donors
  • Distribute gift receipts or statements
  • Inform donors about upcoming events and fundraisers
  • Analyze internal productivity and effectiveness
  • Report to relevant federal and state agencies
  • Contact donors about changes to this statement

As part of our donor recognition efforts, BBBSSA typically does not publicly recognize individual donors by name but may do so for businesses, philanthropic foundations, other organizations, and government entities.