Local Resources for Parents & Families

Get help from the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona: https://www.communityfoodbank.org/get-help/

For a list of  Tucson-area food banks, food discounts, free lunches for kids and emergency food resources click HERE.

For information on school districts please click on the following links: TUSD, Amphitheater, Sunnyside, Marana, Catalina Foothills, Vail, Sahuarita, Flowing Wells, Tanque Verde.

For a list of emergency and support services please visit 211Arizona.

If you or someone you know is experiencing Domestic Abuse please contact Emerge!

If you have questions about Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance Benefits please check HERE.

Not being able to see your Little face-to-face will present some new challenges to your relationship, but following the tips below will help you navigate through these difficulties while continuing to help your Little reach their highest potential.

  • Rely on regular phone calls and text messages, or video chats via FaceTime or WhatsApp to stay connected with your Little.  Use this resource or this resource for great conversation starters for kids and check out this resource or this resource to get chatting with teens! 
  • Messenger Kids (from Facebook) is a great way to safely connect with your Little via a social media platform, while keeping their parent looped in. Here's more on how it works
  • Snail mail - still a thing!  Write letters to your Little (become pen pals!), send postcards, a homemade card, pass along some print-at-home games (like these puzzles or these coloring pages), or send them a homemade craft (like these bracelets, or one of these quick/easy kids crafts)
  • STAY CONSISTENT! However you choose to connect, your consistency is more important to your Little now more than ever.Find days, times, and methods that work best for both of you, create a plan, set a schedule, and stick to it!  This will make it easier on you both, while giving you each something to look forward to and depend on.  
  • ASK QUESTIONS! It's no surprise that everyone's day-to-day schedule is experiencing incredible upheaval.  Reaching out and chatting with your Little and their parent/guardian about when is best to reach out, what days and time are easiest, and how you can help are questions that will be enormously helpful for you (and your Little!) in staying connected. 
  • Please contact your Match Support Specialist if you have any questions.

There will be a many more of these to come over the coming days and weeks, but we wanted to get you started with a few Match Activity ideas that you can dive into this weekend with your Little!

With school's closed across the area, we know many Bigs will be focused on helping stem the tide of learning loss while their Littles are spending time at home.  Check out the resources below to help your Little stay sharp and continue to focus on their academics from home. 

  • Click HERE for free on-line peer to peer tutoring program.  Students are connected to peers who are either attending the same class, have attended the class or have expertise in a particular subject.  The peer tutors are from Tucson’s local high schools and have teacher, principal and vice principal mentors from local middle and high schools.

  • Khan Academy offers a FREE library of trusted, standards-aligned practice and lessons covers math K-12 through early college, grammar, science, history, AP, SAT, and more. They are also offering daily learning schedules for kids throughout the crisis. 
  • Common Sense has a bunch of great (and free!) education websites and apps that kids can access (with parent permission!) to help stem the tide of learning loss.  Check them out here for more info and find what resource might be best for your Little! 
  • Check out Class Central for a free list of online classes that range from computer science and business, to arts/deigns and engineering. This is best for middle/high-school age Littles. 
    • Feeling ambitious and want to turn this into a Match Activity? Take the class alongside your Little! 
  • Is your Little interested in coding? Scratch was designed for children ages 8-16 and uses easy-to-use programming language to let kids build almost anything they can dream. There are no obscure lines of code here. Instead, arrange and snap together Scratch blocks as if they are virtual Legos!
    • Want to turn this into a Match Activity? Use Scratch right alongside your Little and venture through their online lessons together! 
  • Has there ever been a better time for podcasts? Check out this website to access funny, smart, and scientific podcasts that keep kids engaged.  
    • Want to turn this into a Match Activity?  Pick a podcast you both enjoy and listen along together! Then, after each episode, connect and discuss using slightly revised, book-club style questions
  • Do you have a teenager interested in public health or psychology?  Here is a laundry list of resources that they can explore! 
    • Want to turn this into a Match Activity?  Pick a resource and explore it together.  Or, have your Little review a specific resource they might be excited about and teach you about what they learned! 
  • Looking for a virtual lesson your Little (and your!) might find interesting?  Check out the TakeLessons YouTube channel for lessons on singing, learning Spanish, learning sign language, playing piano, and much more!
    • Want to turn this into a Match Activity? Take the lesson right alongside your Little and learn together! 
  • Looking for online lessons that mirror what your Little might be missing in school?  PBS SoCal has prepared broadcast programming and online lessons that adhere to California's K12 state curriculum, which - though definitely not Arizona - still might be helpful, informative, and fun! 
    • Want to turn this into a Match Activity? Take the lesson right alongside your Little and learn together! 
  • Our friends at Scholastic offer day-by-day projects to keep kids in grades K-9 reading, thinking, and growing. These are updated each day and present four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin!
  • Is your Little interested in writing?  BoomWriter inspires children to write and develop important literacy skills, and our parent app will keep you ‘In the loop’ with your child’s progress.
  • Can't find something you like on the list above?  Check out this website for a full list of educational companies offering free subscriptions

We know many of our parents will be feeling the stress of supporting and providing for their children over the weeks and months to come.  We wanted to be sure every Big had specific resources that might be helpful to pass along to parents who may turn to you for support.