What is a Match Maker?

Match Makers are monthly donors whose ongoing donations help us create life-changing friendships by "matching" children (Littles) and mentors (Bigs). Not everyone has the time to be a Big Brother or a Big Sister, but anyone can be a Match Maker!

What do Match Makers do?

Each time Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs a child with a mentor, we start something incredible: a one-to-one relationship built on trust and friendship that can blossom into a future of unlimited potential. We call these pairs "matches." When you donate $35.00 a month, you become a Match Maker; your monthly sponsorship contributes to a lifetime of friendship, support, and happiness for each match.

How does it work?

Click the Donate button, select the monthly gift option, and choose to donate $35.00 each month.   You may choose to donate more or less each month, $35.00 is the minimum to support a new match every month.  Your donation will be automatically and securely deducted from your debit or credit card each month. You'll receive monthly updates about the matches you are supporting. We make the process as easy and painless as possible!

Why should I become a Match Maker?

Match Makers tell us that when they view their charitable giving relative to other monthly expenses, it really puts things in the right perspective. Being a Match Maker is the easiest way to make a huge difference for a child in need of additional support.

Here is what each level of donations will make happen:

• $10 a month supplies material for Big's orientation training

• $25 a month provides assessment interviews for the Big and Little

• $35 a month supports the first Match Meeting of a Little and a Big!

• $50 a month continues the relationship support between the Big, Little, and Parent/Guardian

How do I get more information?

We are happy to walk you through the process of how monthly giving works. Please contact our Director of Community Development, Sabrina Lobato-Gonzales, at or (520) 624-2447, ext. 3378