2552 N Alvernon Way, Ste 110, Tucson, AZ 85712

Chandler Warden, the Warden Family and the Bert W. Martin Foundation

The Connie Hillman Family Foundation

The Super Bowl Legacy Foundation

The Fiesta Bowl Foundation

Will and Elizabeth White Family

Dave and Azura Benson

Andrew Gasparro and Laura Swan

Several anonymous donors

100% of our Board of Directors have pledged a gift towards the Campaign.

These foundations and individuals have all made significant contributions towards the project.

For more information on how to support our Big Future and the activation of our New Home please contact Veronica Saiz at Veronica@soazbigs.org


What Will This Cost?

We have launched a $3.9M capital campaign to fund the new project including the purchase and renovation of the property to meet our specifications, and activate it with furniture, equipment, supplies and resources. Our fundraising goal is also includes funding needed to support additional programing costs for at least the first year to establish an endowment fund to maintain and enhance the property over time. 

Over $2M has been committed so far, including proceeds from the sale of the downtown property and generous donations from the Connie Hillman Foundation, Bert W. Martin Foundation, the Super Bowl Legacy Foundation, and every one of the current BBBS board Members. 

Why Do You Need Your OWN Space? Can't You Just Use Other Community Facilities?

BBBS of SoAz organizes a variety of activities throughout the community for our Matches. However, these events often require a lot of staff time to organize and can be costly to host. We are not able to control how many variables including the days and times events can be organized. In our own space we could control costs and schedule events at times that work for our Bigs and Littles! Our staff can also work close in proximity to our Matches, increasing access and opportunity for support. 

Where Will  the Funding Come From?

The first third ($1.3M) will come from the proceeds of the sale of our downtown office. We have also received generous lead gifts from the Connie Hillman Family Foundation and a few other donors. The rest of the funds will come from organizations and people like you, who know and value BBBS, and will contribute generously in the form of cash gifts, multi-year pledges and future commitments from wills and bequests.

Where Would the New Center be Located?

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona (BBBS’s) new home for youth mentoring will be located at 2552 N. Alvernon Way.  The new location hosts two buildings on 1.07 acres that will create a more accessible, inviting, and functional space for youth and their mentors.

The Mentoring Activity Center, once built out, will provide 5,700 square feet of safe, fun, and FREE space for youth (Littles) and adult mentors (Bigs) to meet, connect and develop their relationships. 


When Will BBBS Move Out of the Downtown Building?

BBBS will operate out of the Downtown Building through September.

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