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Mentor 2.0 is a Big Brothers Big Sisters’ technology-enriched 1-to-1 youth mentoring program directly targeting high school students. Each student will attend weekly classes to learn about self-advocacy, critical thinking, and goal-setting. Volunteers will communicate online with their students to discuss and support their learning for the previous week. Volunteers will also attend monthly events at their student’s school, further enhancing that month’s curriculum topic. These interactions and the Mentor 2.0 curriculum will help the student aspire to attend college, navigate the college experience, and build the necessary skills that lead to college success.

Mentor 2.0 maintains the fundamentals of quality mentoring Big Brothers Big Sisters is known for through one-to-one relationships, providing professional relationship support and maintaining a focus on safety for the benefit of the mentee and mentor. Mentor 2.0 expands this by using technology for much of the interaction between the mentee and mentor, reducing the in-person time commitment to once every four weeks, and supporting the customized curriculum guide throughout the match interaction.

Here is what is asked of volunteers:

  • One e‐mail per week guided by a curriculum prompt and oversight by a Big Brothers Big Sisters Case
  • One face‐to‐face event every 4 weeks.  Events are coordinated by Big Brothers Big Sisters to provide you
    and your mentee one‐to‐one time while further exploring topics covered via e‐mail in previous weeks.
  • Mentor for one school year with no holidays included.

How Do I Get Involved?

  • You must be at least 21 years old, have completed two years of college (or be a high school graduate with professional life
    experience), have access to the Internet to exchange email and have 2 hours every four weeks to meet
    with your mentee at their school.
  • Attend a 1 hour Mentor 2.0 Orientation.
  • Complete a 45‐minute interview and background check through Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Attend a 1‐2 hour training at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office or at your workplace.

Who are the Kids?

    • Big Brothers Big Sisters will be serving students at Amphitheater High School.
    • Our goal is to have 100 mentors by the fall of 2017.

Why Big Brothers Big Sisters Needs You!

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters’ goal is for mentees to graduate from high school and help them be successful in some form of higher education. A similar program in New York City called “iMentor” has had amazing results. Here’s a video about their program.
  • You will help these students with problem solving, motivation, time management, career exploration, interviewing, leadership, the college admission process, financial literacy and professionalism. Southern Arizona's kids deserve these kinds of results and if every one of us simply shares a weekly email and attends the group events every 4 weeks, we can make a huge difference. Will you Start Something today?