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Meet our Matches: Eric and Flavio

Eric & Flavio SQ

Matched over two years ago, Eric and Flavio have been a fantastic duo ever since. These two like to stay active on their outings, where they often hike, swim, or play pinball. Through one another, they have learned new things and expanded their horizons, all while having a good time. Watch their campaign video here!


Do you guys have any particular activities that you enjoy sharing on your outings?

There are a lot of things we do, but we especially like to go hiking, swimming, and play pinball at the place off of 4th Avenue. One of our favorite activities is a really simple pleasure, and that’s tossing a tennis ball back and forth in the deep end of the Racquet Club pool. He’s willing and able to do it for hours!

Share a favorite memory or experience from your match.
One of my fondest and clearest memories is hiking the length of the Butterfly Trail on Mount Lemmon this spring. It’s a long and demanding hike. While many of the other kids, and even some adults, were tiring out, Flavio forged ahead, never once complaining, and thoroughly enjoying himself!

How has becoming a Big Brother impacted you?

Being a Big has widened my horizons by introducing me to sides of Tucson I have never seen first-hand. It has also been so much fun to spend time doing things with Flavio that my two grown daughters wouldn’t necessarily appreciate.

What do you think your Little Brother has learned from you?

This is easier to answer. Through our friendship, I think Flavio has learned about future possibilities he might not have otherwise considered.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a Big, but isn’t quite sure it’s for them?

Don’t be intimidated by either the time commitment or any pressure to come up with a fabulous activity every other week. Once the bond between you and your Little starts to gel, you’ll find that the mere fact that you show up when you say you will, and that you are not just another authority figure in his or her life, to be enough, and spending a few hours together will be easy.

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