Meet August’s #MentorOfTheMonth, Carolyn Mathews!

BS Carolyn & LS Celeste #3 (KS)

After a brief hiatus, we are happy to return to our #MentorOfTheMonth series, where our program gets the opportunity to recognize extraordinary Bigs! August features Big Sister Carolyn Mathews, with the following written by her Program Coordinator, Karen Lara.

It has almost been three years since Big Sister Carolyn Mathews and Little Sister Celeste were matched. I, for one, have witnessed how strong their friendship is and how deeply they care for one another. During the time they have been matched, Carolyn has gone above and beyond to make Celeste happy.

Education is very important to Carolyn and she likes to make sure Celeste achieves her full potential. One of the most unique qualities about Carolyn is that she is always coming up with very creative outings that focus around learning. For instance, they once had a “science experiment day” and made a dirt volcano with Pepsi and Mentos! Another awesome activity they have done was to select a Nancy Drew mystery and reading several chapters every time they would get together. Their next exciting outing will be going on a cross country drive to Georgia for her niece’s graduation. Both are thrilled about spending a week with each other.

Besides having a good relationship with Celeste, Carolyn also likes to be involved in the program by attending various agency outings and volunteering at our events. They are always one of the first matches to want to lend a hand and love interacting with other program participants.

Something I find to be very cool is that Carolyn and Celeste keep a photobook filled with pictures of all the activities they have done together. They can often look back and remember the good times they’ve shared. They even have a good picture with their Program Coordination if I may add!

It personally makes me very happy to see the interaction between Carolyn and Celeste. When I first met Celeste she was very sweet but shy. I have seen her become a more confident young woman and I credit Carolyn for that. She has been a great example and is always encouraging her to do her best. I can confidently say that their friendship will last a lifetime.

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