Hues of Heaven

A Community-Made Book of Sunsets, Promoting a Brighter Future for Tucson's Youth

Brighten your day by immersing yourself within our tabletop book, “Hues of Heaven: The Glory of Tucson Sunsets”. Just having a copy of this book on your coffee table will offer an endless supply of continuing visual inspiration. You now have the opportunity to savor and share this gorgeous collection with friends and family.

Tucson, Arizona is well known for its incredible sunsets. Residents of Tucson are fortunate to get a daily glimpse of the vibrant and colorful skies as the sun disappears beyond the horizon. The sky becomes awash with deep orange and red hues, contrasting with the violets and blues of the coming night sky. Those unprepared for such a breathtaking display are often stunned by the exquisite colors of our night sky. Tucson sunsets are particularly beautiful because of the area’s unique blend of mountainous landscape, low levels of pollution, and high clouds which reflect more light.

This gallery-style book features stunning sunset photography captured by our very own Bigs and Littles of Tucson, with additional submissions from the photographic collection of the philanthropist behind the project, Chandler Warden, president of the Bert W. Martin Foundation.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Tucson will be giving this book away with every donation of $100 or more while supplies last.

With roots extending back to 1963, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson program provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one to one relationships that make a positive impact on their lives forever. This book will give BBBST an innovative way to share lasting awareness for the BBBST mission, impacting how they contribute that value in tangible ways to the matches who benefit from the program, as well as the Tucson community at large.

As a helping hand in this project, our partners at Parks In Focus encouraged our matches to spend time outdoors and learn about photography together. Two successful outings took place in 2017, one on October 15th and another on Nov 12th, with an emphasis on learning about night sky photography while collecting sunset images. These events were hosted by Saguaro National Park and served as a memorable event of photography and exploration! Activities included photography lessons on silhouettes, sunsets and a crash course in light painting.

A special thanks to those who partook in the Big Brother Big Sisters of Tucson photography outings! We hope you will consider making a donation to our cause, securing your copy of “Hues of Heaven” with any donation of $100 or more. Your generous support and word of mouth regarding this wonderful book, a breathtaking reminder of what makes Tucson so special, will provide a lasting benefit to the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson.

Secure your copy of "Hues of Heaven" by donating here.