Month: May 2017

Bigs in Blue Hit the Streets of Tucson

Did you know that there are nearly 200 children in Tucson on the waiting list for a Big Brother or Big Sister? This is why we are so excited to bring Big Brothers Big Sisters’ nationally recognized mentoring program Bigs in Blue to our city.

Bigs in Blue expands on Big Brothers Big Sisters’ one-on-one mentoring program by matching local youth in need with our brave men and women in blue. We all know that law enforcement officers are community heroes, and EVERY child needs a hero.

We’ve seen Bigs in Blue succeed in cities across the country. We’ve seen youth build confidence, learn to respect others and to handle difficult situations, and improve in school. And it’s not just the kids that benefit. Time after time we’re told by our Bigs Brothers and Big Sisters that life is richer with a “Little” by their side.

If you are an officer, love an officer, know an officer, or just pass an officer on the street, make sure you tell them to sign up for Bigs in Blue: Check us out on Facebook, too.

A few hours of time a month can impact the life of a child forever. Hit the streets!