Month: December 2015

The Centurions Select Primary Beneficiary for 2016 Great Comic Con Caper, May 7th Will Benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson


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December 2, 2015
Contact: Ben Korn, Media Liaison for The Centurions of Southern Arizona, 520-721-9644

The Centurions Select Primary Beneficiary for 2016
Great Comic Con Caper, May 7th Will Benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. – The Centurions of Southern Arizona are pleased to announce that their 2016 fundraising event, The Great Comic Con Caper, A Chic Geek Affair, will take place May 7, 2016 in downtown Tucson with 100% of proceeds to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson (BBBST). The Centurions total pledge, in excess of $200,000, has been earmarked for BBBST’s exciting new Mentor 2.0 program, an initiative that will pair adult mentors with Tucson area high school kids and provide them additional tools and support to help them graduate from high school, succeed in college and achieve their ambitions.
“We are excited to be associated with BBBST and to be able to support their Mentor 2.0 Program, which fits our mission to support Southern Arizona charities that provide services to underserved community members in the areas of Healthcare, Education and Mentorship with an emphasis on improving children’s lives,” said Joe Dhuey, 2016 Centurion Event Chairman.
“We went through a thorough vetting process evaluating a number of different quality charities in Tucson,” continued Dhuey. “BBBST and their Mentor 2.0 Program received the most support from our membership. We have a number of members heavily involved in BBBST, so the collaboration between our two groups will create a lot of energy for our fundraiser this year. The real winners will be not only the kids whose lives will be positively impacted by their mentors, but also the Tucson community as a whole,” Dhuey said.

“We’re thrilled that The Centurions have elected to support our mission to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever,” said Marie Logan CEO of BBBS of Tucson.

“The Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor 2.0 program is an initiative designed to keep kids in school and off the path of a lifetime of unemployment, low wage earning jobs, and little or no upward mobility, placing them on a path of secure employment and increasing opportunity,” Logan added.

“With 100% of the funding lined up for this program thanks to The Centurions, their sponsors and thousands of people of Tucson who enjoy attending their event, BBBST can focus solely on the successful implementation of this exciting new initiative,” Logan said.

Long considered Tucson’s party of the year, The Centurion event has raised more than eight million dollars for designated local charitable projects over 48 years. Originally a fundraising arm for Carondelet Foundation, The Centurions formed their own 501(c)3 organization to continue their legacy of charitable work when Carondelet Health Systems was purchased by a for-profit healthcare organization in 2014. Under the charter of The Centurions of Southern Arizona Charity, the men’s civic group now considers needs of various local charities, voting on a primary beneficiary annually. BBBS of Tucson will be only the second charity to receive funding from the Centurions of Southern Arizona. Tu Nidito was the first.

Tickets for The Great Comic Con Caper are now available on line at Please visit The Centurions’ website for more event information.